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So here’s what’s coming up:

  • Returned to Everybody Loves Raymond, in my recurring role of Stan Brand, who always travels with his buddy, Garvin, played by Len Lesser (remember him as Uncle Leo from Seinfeld?) in “You Bet” written by Ellen Sandler & Steve Skrovan, Directed by Will Mackenzie, scheduled to air this fall.  Len and I did our nude network debuts in last season’s episode, “Frank’s Tribute.”
  • Also just taped an episode of a new show, Stark Raving Mad, “Sometimes a Fritter is Just a Fritter,” playing the role of Nicholas.  This show features an amazingly talented and hilarious cast: Tony Shalhoub, Neil Patrick Harris (remember Doogie Howser?) Eddie McClintock, Heather Paige Kent and Dorie Barton, who I worked with in “Animal Rescue Kids” on the Discovery Channel a while back.  She’s grown up now.
  • Am in rehearsal for a play, Break of Day.  It involves Van Gogh’s life from the time he worked in the coal mines as an apprentice preacher through the time of his father’s death.  It’s about family relationships, genius, passion and its toll both on the passionate artist and those around him.  Brilliantly written by Stephen Fife, lovingly directed by Billy Hayes, (the same Billy Hayes whose story was told in Oliver Stone’s film The Midnight Express) and a terrific cast.  As I get their particulars I’ll post them on this site.
  • Also, that’s me with the map of California on my forehead  in the trailer for The Story of Us that is everyone keeps seeing in theaters.
  • My film JOHN just won the Academy Award for Student Films!    Congrats to Marni Banack, the director and J.B. Sugar the producer.  Click here for more info. 

Feature films shot but not yet showing:

  • The Story of Us - a feature starring Bruce Willis and Michelle Pfeiffer with Red Button, Tom Posten, Betty White, Paul Reiser, and Jayne Meadows
  • The Rocky and Bullwinkle Movie - a feature for Universal


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